Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Service Project

The Lau-in-nih brothers performed some cheerful service today for the church where we meet.  Their dumpster corral was literally falling apart.  We fixed it real purty.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Troop Election

On October 23, the newly elected Mowogo Lodge Chief and Lau-in-nih Chapter's Vice Chief of Membership (VCM) participated in an election for troop 522.

The Mowogo brothers gave a short presentation and showed a video that introduced the OA.

After the voting, the VCM counted the secret ballots and rendered his verdict to the troop's adult leaders.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Troop 50 OA Opportunities for 2012

Troop 50 OA Opportunities for 2012

What: Service Project
Where: Snellville First Baptist
When: Oct 27
Start at 9:00 AM.  We will be repairing the dumpster corral.  Lotsa fun work with power tools.
If you have this, please bring: hand saw, pry bar, cordless drill, safety glasses, gloves, water

What: Lodge Leadership Development Conference (LLDC)
Where: To be decided
When: Nov 2-4
More information to follow.  Contact Drew Kulp or Joe Odum for details.

What: November Meeting
Where: Snellville First Baptist
When: Nov 8
Meet at 7:00 PM as usual.

What: Fall Camporee
Where: Scoutland
When: Nov 9-11
Troop 50 will not be at the Fall Camporee this year, but individual brothers are welcome to attend with the Chapter.
We will be judges for Punkin Chunkin.

What: Bike Rodeo
Where: Cannon UMC
When: Nov 10
Help run bike stations and perform bike repairs.

What: Christmas Banquet
Where: UGA
When: Dec 1
Sign up at the lodge web site.  Round-trip transportation available for $10.  Contact Jeff Lee for more info.

What: Tap Out at Yule Log
Where: Scoutland
When: Dec 7
We will have a tap out after the 9PM SPL-SM meeting.

What: December Meeting
Where: Scoutland
When: Dec 8
Meet at the dining hall at noon for lunch.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Upcoming Events - October and December 2012

This is from the Lau-in-nih chapter adviser.

There is a lot going on over the next few months.  The Chapter needs your help to meet the requirements for Journey to Excellence Gold Level.

10/11/2012 7:00pm Meeting at Snellville First Baptist.  Plan for upcoming events and elections.

10/12-14/2012 Family Camping at CRM.  Kaeden Carter will be coordinating our assistance with this event.

10/27/2012  Service Project Snellville First Baptist Church.  More to follow.

12/1/2012  Christmas Banquet at UGA.  Come and share the past year with the Chapter.  The Troop 500 bus will be runnning.  Please let Jeff Lee know if you need a ride and sign on the Lodge's website for the event.

12/8/2012 Meeting 12 noon at Scoutland Dining Hall during Yule Log.

Encourage those that have not gotten around to paying dues to help us get over the top.

We have Chapter t-shirts based on the design approved by the Chapter in some sizes available for $15 at the Chapter meeting.

We also have a limited supply of Lau-in-nih Brotherhood patches which were the inspiration for the back of our new TShirts for $5.  When they are gone, they are history.