Monday, July 28, 2014

Chief Vann House Days

This weekend, I visited the Chief Vann House near Chatsworth, GA.  Each year, the Friends of Chief Vann House (of which I am one) put on a living history exhibition on the grounds.  This year, we saw a blacksmith, a cannoneer, a weaver, a spinner, a basket maker, and more.

Some history: James Vann was a Cherokee Indian leader and wealthy businessman in the 1790s. In 1804 he completed construction of a beautiful 2 ½-story brick home that was the most elegant in the Cherokee Nation. After Vann was murdered in 1809, his son Joseph inherited the mansion and plantation. Joseph was also a Cherokee leader and became even more wealthy than his father.

In the 1830s almost the entire Cherokee Nation was forced west by state and federal troops on the infamous Trail of Tears. The Vann family lost their elegant home, rebuilding in the Cherokee Territory of Oklahoma. Today the Vann House survives as Georgia’s best-preserved historic Cherokee Indian home.

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